O Dermal Planning

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Ocosmedics point of difference is BIOMIMETIC Ingredients, which takes us one step further from cosmeceutical ingredients to COSMEDICAL ingredients to achieve cell optimisation..

Pomegranate Enzyme Peel $129

This gentle yet effective enzyme peel is a must have, and a ideal entry level peel for all skin types or a first step in a double peel treatment for serious skin changing results. Pomegranate enzymes effectively lift and digest redundant cells whilst peel moist, multi fruit BSC, lactic acid and jojoba esters hydrate, moisturise, repair and reduce inflammation.

Alpha Beta Peel $149

Restores skin integrity and protects cells structure. Excellent for acne, problematic, photo damaged, clogged, milia and oily skin conditions. This Peel boasts concentrated levels of lactic acid, natural fruit acids, salicylic acid and niacinamide to offer desquamation which rejuvenates the skin, reduces lines and uneven pigmentation, improves skins smoothness, clarity and activates skin cell regeneration. this peel is for a brighter, smoother and more even toned complexion.

Catalyst Retinol Peel $149

The skins anti aging protection. Concentrated levels of Pure Retinol, Encapsulated Retinol, Niacinamide and Natural Fruit Acids work together to counteract skin aging, improve the appearance of UV damaged skin, normalise keratinisation to improve the skins cellular renewal process, decrease depth of lines and wrinkles, refine and resurface the skin, even skin tone and provide potent anti-inflammatory activity in the treatment of acne.