IPL Hair Removal

Our professional IPL/ SHR (super hair removal)  is tailored to meet your individual needs so we can achieve the best results possible. Results are varied and can generally be achieved within six to eight treatments. If more than eight treatments are required we will provide continual treatments on the same area at 40% discount off the standard RRP price (per treatment).

Purchase 8 treatments upfront and receive a 30% discount.

From March - May we offer exceptional deals and packages to make Hair Removal more affordable and having you hair free for the next summer. we also offer pay as you go treatments at package prices. Ask us about these deals.


Price (per treatment)

Discount prices apply for longer courses.

After being self-conscious about my thick hair growth and constant ingrown hairs I finally decided to make the time to spend on myself and went to see the team at Sphere for laser hair removal. I was pleasantly surprised how quick, easy and virtually pain-free the treatment is. After just my first treatment I noticed a significant reduction in hair growth and not an ingrown in sight. Sphere is the only salon I would trust with this procedure as their knowledge and skills made me feel confident and at ease. If you have been thinking about doing this just make an appointment and go and see for yourself, this is an investment that you can make in yourself and you won’t regret it!
— Vicki. S.